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Instances of CemOps

  • You are a corporation and need to insure your policies and
    procedures are being followed all the time, everywhere.  We know
    they aren't, and you need a different approach to stop the lawsuits
    and negative media accounts.

  • You want to put an end to the vandalism and theft of bronze in your
    cemetery.  We did it elsewhere and can help you end this low life
    practice too!

  • You want to prevent injury by increasing safety awareness

  • You want a web presence and need a website & SEO help.

  • You want to establish unique operating methods

  • You have discovered wrong burials and poor recordkeeping

  • You need disinterment/reinterment services or training

  • You need  professionals who think outside the box

  • You need forensic inspections on existing burial information

  • You suspect employee fraud or theft

  • You want to establish or improve solid policies and procedures

  • You want to inspect a possible purchase

  • You want to protect your investments with audit services

  • You need expert legal testimony in the event you are sued

  • You are a state or federal agency and need guidance

  • You need a public speaker for an educational or association event

  • You need a mediator to reach a mutually satisfying conclusion to an
    existing issue.
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Wonder Who We Are?

We are a group of professionals who have spent our careers making others look good.

We have never sought the limelight, we choose to identify and develop solutions.

We have never been the suits, rather we have been the solutions the suits sought out.

We have saved companies countless millions in prevention vs defense techniques.  Make
no mistake, in class action lawsuits we have helped willful wrongdoers write some large
checks too.  

We know what it takes, and how to get it done.  We are your first defense and last call.

No matter where you are, we are there.

No matter your size, we have options available to you.