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For the past 4 years, was expert consultant and inspector to the Eden
Memorial Park Class Action in Mission Hills, CA.  Result?  Offending
company wrote a check for $80,500,000.00.  Out of court settlement.  It
looks like they're being sued by another class for not declaring this to
others buying graves in that cemetery.

Expert Consultant and Witness in Class Action Case in Chicago, where
cemetery owner chose to bury indigents in layers, making it impossible
for loved ones to locate where their deceased were buried.  Owner
heralded himself a hero, he only got paid $347.00 per indigent burial.  His
normal retail price for a grave space was $1,250.00.  As it turned out, he
was burying the indigents up to 10 deep.  If you multiply $347.00 times 10
you get $3,470.00 per space.  Some hero.

Watching a case in Philadelphia right now and have offered my assistance,
same company as Eden Memorial, this time at Shalom Memorial Gardens.  
Will continue to watch this and see if my services are needed.

Expert Consultant and Witness to a Jewish Cemetery in New York City,
that has fallen into disrepair.  The Rabbis spent perpetual care money to
repair the roof of their temple.  This one is Bayside Cemetery Litigation,
another class action.
Wonder Who We Are?

We are a group of professionals who have spent our careers making others look good.

We have saved companies countless millions in prevention vs defense techniques.  Make
no mistake, in class action lawsuits we have helped willful wrongdoers write some large
checks too.

No matter where you are, we are there.
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