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I am changing up, from the past on this page.  I have enjoyed success and
lifelong associations with those people we have helped, and now move
forward with marketing my books.

In the left hand margin, just below the website page buttons, you will see
images of all 3 of my books displayed.  At any time you like, you can click
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  • Book #1, Big Boys Do Cry  I wrote this book back in 2008 or 2009
    out of concern for the younger set when losing a loved one.  
    Sharing some of my own experiences, having lost my Father at 15
    years of age, I wanted to write a shorter book to reach out to kids
    and young adults, offering them some guidance and references so
    they can know they are not alone.  In my career in the death care
    profession, I have seen thousands of cases where during at need
    arrangements, the younger group is "protected" from involvement
    in the service planning.  This is a mistake, to leave them out, they
    have something to offer, as well, and should be encouraged to

  • Book #2, Your Death Depends On It  After a good career in this
    industry, having solved many problems in cemetery and funeral
    locations, including full remediations of cemetery properties where
    discoveries were made, making it necessary to even close a
    cemetery location for a time while we finished discovery of issues
    and corrected them.  Also, closed cemeteries to anything BUT at
    need burials, no pre need sales allowed until the cemetery was
    basically rebuilt according to original plats and specs per each
    garden and grave space.  After having done this for a number of
    years, I started CemOps, as an industry tool to help prevent the
    circumstances that led to these remediations in other locations.  
    Along the way, I was hired as an expert consultant pursuant to trial
    in class action law suits, and some of those memories are also
    included in this book.  A sort of tell all, if you will, without
    threatening anyone while calling out some of the bad behaviors by
    a select few.

  • Book #3, Painful Avoidance Having little to do with the death care
    industry, this book was born out of rightful concern for both
    patients and caregivers to those suffering from varying forms of
    Dementia.  Having shared in the caregiving duties for my Mother,
    and now helping my wife through this dark journey with her Mom,
    I was emboldened once again, to write another book hoping to
    help a growing group of people being affected by this every day.  
    With millions of people suffering through this disease and millions
    more caring for them, for free, I felt any and all information
    possible should be shared in a writing made readily available to
    this ever increasing populace.  And during the end of writing this
    book, I was diagnosed with early onset, vascular dementia.  Thus,
    the changing up of my website to more an information resource
    than a service oriented one.

  • **** It is my hope the information in these 3 books will be of as
    much help as my career in this industry, I so loved.  I am now
    retired, and have one more book to write, provided this dementia
    doesn't impact me before I can get it done.  That one will be
    written as a 7 time cancer survivor, a disease we have made
    remarkable progress on eradicating, unlike Alzheimer's.
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